Sensory records sign Malpractice

Sensory records are very proud to announce Malpractice as the latest progressive rock outfit to join the fold. Formed in 1994 in Kouvola, Finland by guitarist Joonas Koto, MALPRACTICE started out as a thrash act, yet by 1998, the band had refined their sound, exploring a more progressive direction

With nearly forty-five minutes of brand new material, Turning Tides represents MALPRACTICE at their absolute best, combining intricate progressive metal with catchy melodies topped with excellent musicianship and brilliant vocal harmonies

Laser's Edge sign Swiss Prog Rockers Dawn

Laser's Edge are proud to welcome Swiss progressive rock band Dawn to the Family. With the release of "Darker", the long awaited second album, it had been 6 years since the quartet rocked the prog world with their expert take on old school symphonic rock.
Learn more about Dawn here. 


- LE1069-

Freak Kitchen - Freak of the Week - Official Music Video

Freak Kitchen recently teamed up with award-winning comic book artist, and former Disney animator, Juanjo Guarnido to produce this amazing music video. Best know for work on comic book series Blacksad and Disney movies, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan and Atlantis, Guarnido applied his signature style to this animated classic, and its been whipping up a storm.